So mini details.


This is a free conference

and we really didn't want to cap it.

So we didn't.

But so you know, our Zoom license will only allow a max of 500 attendees in a meeting and we are sitting very close to that number, so we need to give a warning. If you want to be at the live sessions make sure you get in on time or you may not get a spot. These sessions will be recorded and posted with the other videos on the website as soon as they're available to do so, but if you want to see everything first hand and be their for the panels and contests make sure to mark your calendar!

Reminder: All sessions and writing classes are or will be recorded and available on the conference website until Oct. 31st. 

If you can't get into a live session don't worry it will be available online soon!

During the SMIAH Mini writers event we will have a ZERO tolerance policy for any virtual bullying, sexual harassment, and inappropriate comments.

Please, do not post any spam (no links to your books, editing services, retreats, or any other products you're selling/giving away.) in chats, comments sections, or anywhere else.

We are all friends here and we want to enjoy networking and learning with our old and new author friends.

If any of these issues are seen to be an issue in any of live sessions or prerecorded videos you will receive a warning from the host. If it happens again you will be removed from the group and all comments will be deleted.

Conference Cap Details

SMIAH Mini Online Event Etiquette