So mini details.


The Password

Access the Conference website by clicking here.

The page password is SMIAHMini2020


You'll magically find the SMIAH Mini Event has appeared in the SMIAH Mini menu on the top menu bar of the site.

It's also be available in the members area, if you are a member of the SMIAH Writers Conference website. It is not required to be a member of the site to view the conference, however, it does let you see purchases and access conference info directly from your own account area, so you are welcome to join if you wish.

How to Enter the Giveaways

Download your FREE book from Heather B. Moore!

The amazing USA Today Bestselling author, Heather B. Moore, has graciously donated a copy of her E-Book Marketing 101 book to each of you! Everyone who is a registered SMIAH Mini Writers Event attendee can download simply by clicking on the link below to download a copy.

Get 20% off on Plottr Now! Enter coupon code "SMIAH"

Special discount just for attendees of the SMIAH Mini Writers Event! Using the coupon code SMIAH you'll get 20% off your first year of using Plottr! But don't wait! the offer is only valid until September 30, 2020!


Promotional Rate: 20% off initial purchase price, renews annually at regular price


Coupon code (20% off first year): SMIAH


Offer End Date: 9/30/20


Promo URLS:


Windows (Auto Renewal = $20 initial price, then renews annually at $25):


Mac (Auto Renewal = $20 initial price, then renews annually at $25):


Bundle (Auto Renewal = $29.60 initial price, then renews annually at $37):

SMIAH Mini Online Writers Event Etiquette

During the SMIAH Mini writers event we will have a ZERO tolerance policy for any virtual bullying, sexual harassment, and inappropriate comments.

Please, do not post any spam (no links to your books, editing services, retreats, or any other products you're selling/giving away.) in chats, comments sections, or anywhere else.

We are all friends here and we want to enjoy networking and learning with our old and new author friends.

If any of these issues are seen to be an issue in any of live sessions or prerecorded videos you will receive a warning from the host. If it happens again you will be removed from the group and all comments will be deleted.