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Frequently Asked Questions

Mask Policy
Where & When

Do I have to wear a mask at the conference?

There are some classes that will require masks so please have a mask available. There will be signs outside classrooms when they are necessary.

Where and when is the conference?

The 2021 SMIAH Writers Conference will be Oct 14-15, 2022 With optional pre-conference workshops on Thursday October 13th.

This years conference will be held at the Adams Pointe Courtyard, Kansas City in Blue Springs

1400 NE Coronado Dr, Blue Springs, MO 64014  


When can I register?

Registration is open!


How much does conference cost?

This has been updated for the coming 2023 Conference year.


The standard conference package is Friday and Saturday - October 13th - October 14th

  • 2-day in person Conference Package     $185

  • Virtual Conference Package      $100

The Oct 12th, Thursday Workshops, are $50 each and due to scheduling, you can only register for one Thursday Workshop.


At the Door pricing is available if accommodations can be made.  



What do I do if I need to cancel?

We understand that sometimes plans change. In conjunction with our 2022 "Easy Writer" Registration Policy we want to make sure any change of plans are as easy and seamless as possible. 


If you register for an in person conference package and later are unable to attend, we will be happy to help you transition your ticket from an in-person to a virtual conference ticket and refund the difference.

You may email us at if you need to request a cancellation. Please note that pitch sessions, contest fees, and Thursday Workshops have a 24hr refund window, after which they are non-refundable.


Why are some conference options non-refundable?

Several reasons. First off, they used to be, and when we have cancellations the week before conference, AFTER the consulting professionals knew what their honorariums would be, and AFTER our committee members had worked hard on the schedules and booking people to judge, present, and consider the scheduled attendees, we were at a point where adding or subtracting new people caused major issues for registration. Because of this, some of the opportunities we're providing during conference are now non-refundable such as -

               - Thursday Workshops

               - Contest Fees

               - Pitch Sessions (if applicable)


These optional services are only refundable within 24 hours of your registration. These circumstances are only available until approximately 2 weeks before the date of the conference and then all registrations become non-refundable. The specific non refundable dates will be posted on the registration page.  


Is there a cap on registration?

Yes. On top of the inevitable restrictions due to coronavirus regulations we are constrained by the classroom sizes of our facility, as well as the manpower of committee members that plan and execute the conference.


What are the Thursday Workshops?

An additional opportunity where workshop attendees have the opportunity to learn in close quarters with an experienced industry professional to discuss the topic of the workshop in a small group for maximum opportunity to ask questions and receive specific guided instruction.

The 2022 workshops will be held as a combination of in person and online experiences to create the best interacting experience for virtual and live conference attendees.


Am I eligible for a discount?

If you are a presenter or a member of either the Indie Author Hub or Storymakers Author Guild, yes. Your guild discount will be emailed to you a week before registration opens IF you are current on your dues. If you register without using these codes, we cannot refund the difference. Please check your guild websites for application/renewal information.


Is there an age limit for conference attendees?

Registrants of the conference must be 16 years of age in order to participate. We encourage young writers to consider the following conferences: Teen Author Boot CampTween Author Boot Camp, and The Teen Writer’s Conference, all held annually in Utah. As well as watching their local libraries for age appropriate programs. Please let us know if we can add a local teen conference to this list!


Can I bring my kids?

Babies that can be cared for quietly and without disruption to other attendees may attend with a parent. Other children are not welcome. We hope you understand. We love children. We are a committee full of mothers and fathers. But preserving the learning environment of our conference for all paying attendees is paramount. We appreciate your willingness to respect the experience of others by leaving your children at home.


What are the guidelines and due dates for the first chapter contest?

The guidleines and due dates are tweaked each year based on feedback and needs of the judges and participants. You can find all the information about the first chapter contest on the website HERE


Do I have to be a member of the Indie Author Hub or Storymakers Author's Guild to attend the conference?

No. The conference is sponsored by these two wonderful guilds, but any interested writer is welcome to register and attend.


Do I have to be a published writer to attend?

No, the Storymaker conference is open to all writers. We offer classes for beginning writers to expert writers.


What if I need a roommate?

The SMIAH Facebook group has you covered. They’ll post links with roommate sign-ups, and requests. There’s always an opportunity to make an insta friend and share space and money for your stay at the conference.


What do I do if the hotel tells me the room block is sold out or I can't get the conference room rate?

First this shouldn't happen. If it does you shouldn't be punished! We have arranged for the hotel to automatically add more if the block sells out. All you have to do is contact them and let them know what conference you are attending and they will adjust your rate.


What meals are provided?

Lunch is provided on both Friday and Saturday.


While those are the only prepaid meals we often gather to go to dinner together but this happens more organically, but rest assured you are invited! Watch the Facebook page or listen for one of our extroverts to ask who's coming, you are invited!


What if I have a life-threatening food allergy?

Please email with your allergy ASAP.


What should I wear?

Whatever makes you comfortable! Some wear T-shirts and jeans, while others wear slacks or skirts, and blouses. It's up to you! But make sure you wear good, comfortable shoes.


What if I’ve never been to a conference before?

Be sure to join the SMIAH Facebook group , and/or sign up for the conference newsletter. These resources will tell you everything you need to know about attending the conference, including what to bring and how to get the most out of the conference.


I haven't heard anything for a while. When can I expect to get more information about the conference?

Conference time is so exciting! We want to know everything that is going on, but trust us the behind the scenes isn't as exciting as you may think. If you have registered we're excited for you and will immediately send you a confirmation email through our wix website. After that emails will be sporadic until about a month before the conference when we will start sending out official "Here's what's happening" emails.


How will I find my friends?

We recommend attaching your most recent Facebook or Twitter avatar to your forehead. Please do not use a stapler. We do not have an EMT on call.


Is it appropriate to bring donuts and chocolate to share with the conference committee?

Of course! You’ll recognize us by the ribbon on our name badges and the crazed look in our eyes. Donuts? Did you say donuts?


Can’t wait to see you there!

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