Contest Time!

The Storymakers & Indie Author Hub Writers Conference is known far and wide for our many exciting contests and prizes. 
First Chapter Contest

Open to in-person and virtual conference attendees

Every entry in the First Chapter Contest will receive valuable feedback from judges.

Winners receive cash prizes.

Categories for both
Published and Pre-published authors!

Purchase up to three entries and have your
chapters submitted by July 9th.
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Don't forget our Mini Contests! Big fun and great prizes for miniature efforts. 
$100 prize for the following contest
SMIAH Writers Conference Showcase contest!
10 years of SMIAH!!

How do you Celebrate TEN?
In your writing, your life, or your dreams there are so many things to celebrate! 
In 2000 word
s or less tell us 10 things you celebrate!
Sponsored by The SMIAH Writers Conference
$25 prize for the following contests
Swoony Heroes Contest
In one fictional paragraph convince me your hero is the swooniest of all swoony heroes in one fictional paragraph.
His POV only. 
Sponsored by Jen Johnson
Feelin' the Moment! Social Media Contest -
Tweet “in the moment” conference happenings/excitement (real or fanciful) on August 27/28. Winner announced before keynote address. Make everyone not attending jealous.
Funniest, most creative Tweet wins.
Must include #WishYouWereHere AND #SMIAHWritersCon or #SMIAH21.
FB, Twitter, or Insta
Sponsored by The SMIAH Writers Conference
Every great novel needs a hero worth rooting for, so show me what you've got! In just a few sentences each, tell me:
  • Your Character's Want (What's missing in their life?)
  • Your Character's Goal (What do they think will solve all their problems?)
  • Your Character's Need (What do they really need to fill that empty hole in their life?)
  • BONUS if you can tell me how their need reflects the theme of your story!
Sponsored by Ali Cross
Well That's Awkward
Awkward Moments. In 500 words or less write the most awkward scene about anything (public read appropriate, of course). The harder I cringe, the higher I score.
Sponsored by Jennifer Neilsen
$15 prize for the following contests
It's too late to apologize. Or is it?
Write a scene where someone apologizes and show us whether or not the apology is accepted. 500 words or less.
Sponsored by Don Carey
Fairytales in a Flash
Revamp your favorite fairytale
in a flash fiction of
1500 words or less!
Sponsored by Sammie Trinidad
Call it Love or Star Wars?
Genre Twist!
Remake any book title as both Romance and Science Fiction! And show the world it doesn't matter if it's Love or Lucas.
Sponsored by Hillary Sperry
$10 prize for the following contests
Best Edgy-Clean Logline
Monster Ivy Publishing wants your “Best Edgy-Clean Logline” Loglines must be clean, edgy, and include the hashtags #edgyclean #SMIAHWritersCon or #SMIAH21
Entries should be submitted on Twitter TWITTER CONTEST
Sponsored by Monster Ivy
Fast food Superheros
What happens when an elf, an orc, and a human walk into a McDonald's?
Tell us in 500 words or less to win!
Sponsored by Tamara Grantham
Hook, Line, and Sinker
In 300 words or less hook us on your story. Then find out if you've caught the winner! 
Sponsored by Gregg Luke

Mini Contests are hosted by the SMIAH Conference Committee, Faculty, and Attendees.

If you would like to host a contest this year,

please contact for details.