Contest Time!

At the SMIAH Writers Con we want everyone to join in the party!
Whether you're looking for big prizes and serious critiques or if you just want to dip your toes in the contest waters. Which contests do you see in your future?
SMIAH 2020 may look different this year
but the contests are still on!

Mini Contests


Hook ‘Em Quick Logline -

1 sentence

Write your best compelling and creative logline, any genre.


Story of One

<100 words

Write one complete story with one protagonist, a one-word title, and uses the word “one” at least once. 


COVID Flash Fiction

500-800 words

One complete short story. A new spin on the current acronym. Your story CANNOT be about the virus. It may be about a computer virus, a newly discovered planet, or an acronym for a secret organization. Use your imagination and have fun with it!


Word Lottery

<1000 words

Write a story, any genre, including all 5 of the following words:

monkey, trash can, lollipop, cookbook and constellation.


Gettin’ Close to Nature

<300 words

Free verse poem about your favorite day in nature.

Rules Button - Mini Contest.jpg

With the full conference delayed until 2021

all mini contests will be hosted by the SMIAH Conference Committee.

If you would like to host a contest next year

please contact for details.


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